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Fay Bishop

Watercolour teacher


Official Greeter

All about Fay

Having started my training in accountancy at age 21 I never in my wildest dreams believed that I would be able to indulge my passion for art and make it part of my daily life. Art has always been present in my life but usually firmly in the background. As a young mum, I loved doing arts and crafts with my two daughters and adored creating adventurous cakes for various celebrations.


Art managed to become a more permanent fixture in my life twelve years ago when my family moved to Dubai. I took lessons in watercolour painting from a working artist who had been a merchant banker in New York in her former life. We were in Dubai for seven years and during that time I had plenty of time to enjoy my new-found passion.


On our return to the UK we moved to West Sussex, a brand-new area for us. I love the variety in the landscapes of the area from the South Down to the beach where our two dogs enjoy exploring with us. I continued my art education after my move to Sussex by joining various art groups which have given me exposure to many different artists’ works and their interesting techniques. I enjoy attending lectures and demonstrations, watching other artists at work. During this time, I have also dabbled in acrylic painting and feel that by learning another medium I have gained the confidence to experiment with different techniques in my chosen medium, watercolour.


Having been born with no sense of smell, I only have four senses to rely on, with my visual sense being dominant. I feel this has enhanced my understanding of colours as not being able to smell, when I look at flowers, I cannot see beauty in their scent. For me it has to be the colours, shapes, variations, textures and tones that I see in their petals and leaves and I hope that you feel that it apparent when you look at my paintings.


I enjoy painting natural scenes and I feel this translates well to water colour, suiting the transparency of the medium. I feel the lightness of these scenes would be lost using other mediums. Capturing the sense of light is so important. I enjoy emphasising the sense of tone, hard and soft edges and particularly love watercolours because of the ability to do wet in wet. I love the way the colours flow and merge creating their own magic.

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